• About Us

    Q. Why “Lawnboys”?
    A. Lawnboys is the working title for the feature film screenplay we are writing. It’s like a band’s first album being self-titled except in reverse. Also, none of us are employed full-time in the summer so we might just be available to mow your lawn.

    Q. Where are you guys from?
    A. The Lawnboys hail from PA, NY, and NH. Most of us also have a bar or three we call home.

    Q. How did you all meet?
    A. Most of us met in college. The rest of us met in Scranton, PA on St. Patrick’s Day ’09. Long story short we got kicked out of a hotel for being too awesome.

    Q. What’s the deal with the webisodes?
    A. Besides being entertaining, the webisodes are meant to introduce you to some of the characters we plan on including in the movie. They are meant to stand alone, and don’t need to be viewed in any order. The webisodes also help us to further develop the characters as well as provide the opportunity to learn about technical details such as burger continuity.

    Q. Is Schittie Beer real?
    A. Right now Schittie is an intricate parody of the beer industry. If we make enough Lawnboys money, though, it will be real someday (sighs).

    Q. You guys actually make money doing this?
    A. No, not really.

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